Welcome to IFA Dataflow

IFA Dataflow was formed to bring data solutions to the professional financial adviser and product provider market

Our solutions are themed around the flow of data from provider to advisers and providing data that can be utilised in industry back office systems.  We use leading edge technology to automate these processes, to reduce costs and improve productivity for advisers.

Our Services:

Commission Ease – our core service is already used by hundreds of adviser firms across the UK, including many nationals and networks. Our software and data analysts extract the required data fields from paper commission statements into an electronic file. Once in an electronic form, the data can be imported into back office systems to reconcile commission against expectation, similar to an EDI transmission. Complementing EDI downloads, this service allows an adviser to move to a completely electronic system for commission downloads, eliminating the manual re-keying of data entirely.

Commission Express – our new automated service is now being used by some of the industry’s pioneering new wealth management firms. Rather than sending postal scans or emailed pdfs like Commission Ease, with this service our client’s use our secure online portal to upload files and convert the commission statement almost instantaneously with the click of a button. They are then ready to download the files straight away.  Why not take a free trial and see how you can cut hours of manual data admin into seconds.

Service Overview:

  • IFA Dataflow uses scanning, OCR and data capture techniques to extract the required data and to format that data into importable files
  • Data files are returned to the IFA in 24 hours
  • All UK provider statements can be processed
  • We process in excess of 5 million transactions per year for adviser businesses in the UK