Fees from .pdf files

Commission Ease – our standard service already used by hundreds of adviser firms across the UK, including many nationals and networks

We use scanning, OCR and data capture techniques to extract the required data from commission or fee statements. Using the necessary data, we create commissions files for importing into back office systems, ready to reconcile commission against expectation, similar to an EDI transmission.

The service helps eliminating manual re-keying, improving accuracy and streamlining back office processes, which are key to saving time and money.


Easy to try out for yourself


We are happy to demonstrate the outstanding accuracy our Commission Ease service to you completely FREE of charge.

Here’s how the trial works:

  1. Select several commission statements
  2. Send them to us as hard copies or as scans (300dpi)
  3. Tell us which back office system you use
  4. Receive a .csv file ready to import into your back office system within 24 hours